The 4 Benefits of Using Social Media Share Buttons on Your E-commerce Websites

Social media share buttons have become important these days because online shoppers tend to share what they’ve dug up with their followers. This means that social buttons are vital for your e-commerce platform’s success. And you should ensure that your site has elegantly designed social buttons if you want to motivate customers to share your content. Below are the 4 main reasons why you should never leave out social media sharing buttons when building up your e-commerce store:

Your e-commerce websites will receive a ton of traffic

Online shoppers typically share content they deem useful with their friends, family, and followers on social media. People trust information shared to them by friends, family, and followers and they will make a point to visit the e-commerce store to know more about the product. If they find that the product is useful, they will not hesitate to buy. Also, the new generation of shoppers wants to enjoy the glamour that comes with finding something new and exciting first. That’s why they will not hesitate to use the social media share button. You should also play a part by encouraging your customers to share your products on social media. Soon enough, you won’t even need to market your e-commerce store to sell.

The main aim of starting an e-commerce website is to make extraordinary sales. Without your brand’s visibility, this is not possible. Getting your products in front of the population will enable faster visibility and awareness of your site, and social media share buttons play a significant role along those lines. The good thing about social media, especially Facebook is that it groups people depending on their unique interests. So you’re sure that your content is being shared to the right target market.

Social sharing buttons on your e-commerce store leads to social proof


According to statistics, customers are more likely to buy a product if they get positive reviews from fellow customers. These days, shoppers are savvy enough, so they don’t trust product descriptions from product manufacturers and salespeople. Social buttons will allow customers who have used the product to share with other customers in their favorite social media groups. And this could spark a buying frenzy and explodes your bottom-line. Social proof also increases your e-commerce credibility, and you’re bound to witness more repeat customers moving forward.

Including social media share buttons on your e-commerce solutions reduces your advertising costs


To achieve greater profitability, e-commerce websites typically find convenient ways to reduce costs. Marketing is one aspect that drives up e-commerce website’s costs. Including social media share buttons will mean cutting back on your paid advertising costs because it’s free to share your content on social media. Once your products get thousands of shares, you will receive the required amount of traffic to achieve your margins. At the onset, social media marketing may seem useless. However, when it starts working for your e-commerce store, it will surely be unstoppable.


 The key to succeeding with social media share buttons is to implement quality, elegant share button designs. Social media share button design can play a crucial role in your e-commerce website’s success because people are naturally attracted to good looking things.  Also, ensure to include as many social media share buttons as possible. While Facebook and Twitter buttons are the most common, be sure to add other social buttons like LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest Google+ and much more. They also carry quality traffic and can make you a lot of sales. Remember that competition in the e-commerce business is stiffer than ever. So you should ensure that everything you implement on your site is up to the mark, and social share buttons are no exceptions.