It is completely normal to get terrified when you come to take decision on which e-commerce platform to pick. Executing an online store is a huge venture itself and with the wrong option, it could possibly become lame right from its very beginning.

There are specific things that you need to consider while making final decision. Shopify and woo commerce are the two most used e-commerce platforms yet depends totally on requirements of your business.

Woo commerce is an open source solution built on top of word press, an appealing choice of majority of users.  However, to get the most of this e-commerce solution one has to pay for extensions. It is very much mobile-friendly that enables them catering to lot of brands and their user community is expanding day by day. Since nowadays customers mostly use their tablet or phone for online shopping.

On the other hand, Shopify is an all-in-one solution that facilitates user to create an online store, regulate products and handle payments using exclusive web-based service. Both of the platforms enable users to add unlimited products to your store.


One of the most important aspects of business is the profit so you need to know Shopify charges with specific fees for all your payments. While woo commerce payment fees depend on which payment processors you decide to add.


Woo commerce offer its free services but you need to purchase domain name and hosting. On the other hand, Shopify comes with free subdomain for all plans.


Woo commerce shows up an extension system that adds further functionalities to your store. Extensions come in both free as well as premium combo. The Shopify platform offers its own app shop, both free and paid which facilitate users to enhance the store’s functionality. Hence the only difference here is number of available apps.


Shopify provides convenience to customers through their 24/7 good support. While programmers behind woo commerce are always ready to assist users through help desk as well as customers can seek help through extensive documentation from the software.


Shopify is only for those who are willing to pay and want to avoid the complicated process of store set-up. Woo commerce comes handy to users with its internet flexibility, regardless of its complex set-up process. Both platforms are great on their own as long as depends on one’s needs.


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